We specialise in all exterior cleaning services, from driveways and roofs to windows and wheelie bins

Our Services

Here at HydroClear we are committed to offering the best services at the most competitive
price to our customers. We offer many exterior cleaning services including patios, driveways,
roofs, upvc, windows and wheelie bins. We use the best commercial grade equipment and
fully trained operatives to carry out all of our services, whether the job is residential or
commercial our team will ensure the best possible service and results.

Residential & Commercial window cleaning, Gutter, UPVC and conservatory cleaning

We use pure water, water fed pole systems to clean windows, giving a more detailed clean
to the frames and glass using 0 TDS Purified water for a streak and spotless free shine.
Window frames and doors are included in any quote we give. We only take on regular
customers who sign up via GoCardless for our window cleaning services.

Patio & Driveway Cleaning

Pressure washing services can be a great way to clean the exterior of your home.
These services can help remove dirt, grime, and they can also help improve the curb
appeal of your property. These services use high-pressure water to clean surfaces,
and can be used on a variety of different materials including stone, wood, concrete
and vinyl.
We also softwash the surface after with a sodium hypochlorite treatment to ensure
all growth like lichen is killed and removed giving that freshly laid look to your
driveway or patio.

Wheelie Bin Cleaning

We sanitise and deodorise all bins we clean using specialist equipment that ensures we
achieve the highest cleaning standards to stop the problem of smelly, unhygienic bins.
The equipment we use recycles all the water used in the cleaning process complying with
environmental agencies and severn trent water legislation, and using only eco-friendly
chemicals killing 99.9% on all known germs and bacteria. We only take on regular customers
who sign up for GoCardless for our wheelie bin cleaning services.

Roof Cleaning

The type of roof cleans we offer is dependant on the condition of the roof.
With every roof clean, we inspect the roof to establish the condition, and
type of tile. We then discuss with the customer on which process would
offer the best outcome.
In general, Slate, Clay and modern roof tiles are suitable for low pressure
steam cleaning. This restores the aesthetics of the roof immediately.
Certain types of older tiles are not suitable for low pressure steam as the
tiles can be damaged. In these cases the moss is scraped from the roof
and a biocidal treatment is applied, this will eradicate any remaining Lichen
and Algae leaving the roof clean and free from staining.

Get A Quote

To get a quote from us just fill out the form on out contact us page with the details asked and if you are happy with the quote and would like to sign up to our monthly or bi-monthly service you will be sent
a link via text to sign up to Gocardless and also be informed when your 1st window clean
will be due.



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